Embed interactive javascript Earth vector map in Construct?

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  • For my project, I need a vector world map where countries become highlighted based upon conditions set in the game. I found a javascript library for interactive vector maps that has the exact functionality that I want (https://www.cssscript.com/interactive-vector-map/), but being new to Construct, I’m unclear whether I can use what I’ve found within the Construct framework. The website suggests using a div placeholder for the map (is that the same concept as iframe?) and then loading the scripts (could this be done via AJAX, or putting it in the ‘external files folder’?).

    This is the (important) last piece of an otherwise complete game, so any thoughts or guidance you can provide would be very appreciated, even if it is a completely different solution (maybe a plugin?) that gets to the same end goal (i.e., a map with countries that can be highlighted based upon conditions set in the game). Also, if I’ve missed a relevant tutorial, please point me in the right direction. THANK YOU!

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