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  • I just bought Construct and really enjoying all the things this engine can do. I'm new to construct and javascript, but excited to learn. So far I've dabbled in a bit of procedural generation using event sheets and having a lot of fun!

    The engine I used previously (app game kit) had drawing functions (line, ellipse, box). But I can't seem to find anything similar in the Construct 3 Javascript documentation.

    I see there's a canvas available for javascript that I can use to push pixels to an array of pixel data, so that's good, worse case scenario I can figure out something with that.

    I also noticed there's a bunch of line and shape drawing tools accessible through event sheets.

    I was just wondering if there was something in between these two extremes that enabled simple line drawing in construct using javascript. I don't really need anything fancy, just something to draw lines for the purpose of visualising whatever I'm doing in my code.

    Thanks in advance!

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