How do I change the origin ImagePoint coordinates of a frame dynamically?

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  • Since I'm loading some images via AJAX into a sprite, I need to change the position of their origin image point once they're loaded, so that I can rotate them correctly and not just on their automatically assigned center origin.

    And yes, I know that this question has been asked multiple times for events, but I'm optimistic that a possibility might have arisen with scripting.

    I need to be able to dynamically change the ImagePoint, because I need my own little animation engine. I cannot use Spriter nor Timeline, because I can't afford Spriter's CPU overhead and my game is highly moddable, so I need a way to let the player also create animations for new modded machines/entities - and AFAIK importing Spriter animations etc. can only be done directly via the construct project and not dynamically. And framed animations are really not an option above pixel art.

    Spriter managed to somehow change the origin point of a sprite at runtime with their Plugin, but I'm not that well-versed when it comes to writing my own plugins.

    If this is still completely impossible, could there be an alternative way to rotate the sprites around fictional ImagePoints of some sort?

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