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  • So I saw a three.js example, that utilises scripting. Does it mean that it's possible to display an animated 3d model in c3?

  • There are a number of different ways to mix another javascript 'engine's' 3D render with the C3 render (which mostly appears as 2D render, but typically is actually 3D webgl render with a fixed camera and lookat point with they same x,y, but different Z, so it appears '2D'.)

    You can render using three.js, Babylon, etc. to a different canvas and put that canvas in front of or behind the C3 canvas with transparency.

    You can also render to a different canvas and use that for a C3 object's texture, which makes it easier to place the object in C3's Z order.

    Generally it requires another 3D 'engine' like three.js, modelviewer (which I just saw another dev cleverly use), Babylon, etc. to do the 3D render and then a method to include it in the display.

    Here's a C3 & Babylon example I did a while back


  • Example of Babylon and C3 (Plane is 3D Babylon model rendered with Canvas and ElementQuad plugin, the rest is C3 Sprites, note that plane can be in front of some C3 objects (e.g. background), but behind others (e.g. trees.)

  • Mikal

    Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks for the info! I'm surprised this is not a big deal for Construct. Is it too hard to learn? Is integration between scripting and event system still not great?

  • There are a lot of tutorials and examples for Babylon and three.js by themselves.

    With C3 scripting in events, the integration is pretty good, you can call Babylon functions and scripting can call C3 functions.

    Try it out...

    Another example. Adding C3 Warp Object effect on the Babylon render:

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  • Mikal Thanks. It looks very promising. I'll try to learn from your example files. The only thing I needed was an ability to manipulate 3d objects with C3 functions and it looks like it's super possible

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