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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • Welcome to the Portuguese (BR) translation forum! This is a place for all translators involved in the Portuguese translation to discuss the translation, such as consistent terminology, any mistakes or alternate translations, and so on. To get started, see the thread How to help translate Construct 3.

    It's important for translations to use consistent and accurate language. In some cases there may be a number of possible translations. This forum exists to help translators co-ordinate and come up with consistent rules and terminology for translating Construct 3. Sometimes translators may want to make alterations to existing translations; please discuss such changes here and come to an agreement before changing existing translations.

    Please note our forum rules require everyone to post in English. We are willing to make exceptions for these translation sub-forums specifically, but we would encourage posts here to be mainly in English anyway, since English is the reference language for translation. However we recognise some cases it may be more appropriate to simply post in Portuguese.

    Thanks for your help bringing Construct 3 to Brazilian users!

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