how to translate "tilemap"?

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  • I was wondering which one is the best translation to "tilemap":

    1- mapa de blocos

    2- mapa de tijolos

    3- mapa de peças

    4- alguma outra sugestão? qual?

    remember we should translate everything thinking that the translation is mainly for people that is going to use construct and do not know anything about english or programming. that is the main goal.

    I was changing everything to "mapa de blocos" and "tiles" to "blocos", but wanna know what other people think about that. so I had to undo what I did and wait for the opinion of the others.

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  • As we alredy discussed inside the poeditor comments, in wikipedia they use 'Mapa de Ladrilhos'. But, besides making the string too long, I believe that Tiles (and Sprites as well) should be left in its original form, untranslated. They are both widely used in portuguese and this would even make it easier to google for more information.

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