128 problems in pt-BR translation as of 2017-10-17

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  • Our translation verification tool has detected 128 problems in the translation so far, which is too many for us to start bundling the incomplete translation with C3. These need to be fixed before the translation can be previewed in the editor itself.

    pt-BR problem log

  • Ashley, I think I looked at all those problems. Maybe I corrected them all, could you, please, check again. Thanks

  • Thanks, it's a lot better, but there's still a number of problems. (They might have been just added though, since a lot of work was just done.) Here's a new report: pt-BR-2017-11-08.txt

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  • Ashley, I saw other discussions about expressions, I also got confused when translating to portuguese, so I am using the Construct 3 in french to see what was done and I saw that everything got translated and it got really confusing to a person who used C2.

    For example, I tried to use the "random" expression, but when I typed "random", it gives the expression "sqrt", as for french lets say that "random" matches for "racine". It is better to use both. If I type "random" it will give me the options for "random" and "racine"="sqrt" to use.



    "sqrt"="raiz quadrada"

    so it will happen the same as I mentioned in french

    for new C3 users that never used C2, it will be OK, but for old users of C2 that starts to use translated C3, I think it will be a problem.

  • Doubt: should I translate "ProjectName" to

    (a) "Nome do Projeto"


    (b) "NomeDoProjeto"

  • sorry for many posts, but now I understand how to use the incomplete translations and portuguese is not avaiable.

    could you, please, look again for errors? I will try to correct them and see if it will work. thanks.

  • You might want to start separate threads to discuss each topic separately - this thread is just about the mistakes found.

    We might make changes to autocomplete later on, but right now you don't need to worry about it for translation, just make sure the expression names are translated.

    As for translating expression names, see this tip from this thread:

    [quote:yc10umhy]The key translated-name for expressions is special. It is used to display expressions with a translation, e.g translating the "Angle" in Sprite.Angle. The translation must also be a valid expression name. This means it can't contain any spaces and must not use any of the following characters: \/:;*?\"|.,'-`!£$%^&+=<>{}()[]@#

    Since the translated expression must also be a valid expression name, it can't contain spaces. So in your example "Nome do Projeto" is an invalid expression (and will come up in the reports of mistakes), but "NomeDoProjeto" should be OK.

  • BTW I have already updated the next build to include the incomplete pt-BR, because all the mistakes were fixed at the time. (Thanks for your help!) I checked again and there were just a few more mistakes, mostly due to the expression name translation:

    [quote:mlim7df1]Key text.ui.dialogs.addonManager.menu.help: placeholder {0} in English string but missing in translation

    English: Help for '{0}'

    Translation: Ajuda para

    Key text.ui.dialogs.remotePreview.client-status.loading-data: English string has no whitespace padding but translated string does

    English: 'Loading data...'

    Translation: 'Carregando dados...


    Key text.plugins.system.expressions.layoutheight.translated-name: Expression translated name is not a valid expression

    English: 'LayoutHeight'

    Translation: 'Altura do Layout'

    Key text.plugins.system.expressions.timescale.translated-name: Expression translated name is not a valid expression

    English: 'timescale'

    Translation: 'escala de tempo'

    Key text.plugins.system.expressions.unixtime.translated-name: Expression translated name is not a valid expression

    English: 'unixtime'

    Translation: 'tempo unix'

  • Just corrected those mistakes.

    I hope everything is ok for the next build.

    Wanna see C3 in portuguese.

  • OK, updated pt-BR again. The next build should have it at 50% translated (as it stands now).

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