Congratulations on completing the Portuguese (BR) translation!

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  • The Portuguese (BR) translation has now been fully reviewed and we have shipped it enabled by default as of the latest r109 release. Thank you and well done to everyone who has helped contribute! The following contributors qualify for rewards:

    • nemezes - 2 years subscription (2952 contributions)
    • Kross - 2 years subscription (2157 contributions)
    • Chrystian Sales - 1 year subscription (1462 contributions)
    • Huemerson Leonardo Garcia - 1 year subscription (1108 contributions)
    • HenriPK - 6 months subscription (668 contributions)

    We'll be getting in touch with these contributors shortly. Please note contribution counts are calculated using numbers prior to a vandalism event, plus the number of subsequent contributions. If you think we have missed something please let me know and I will review your contributions.

    Don't forget since we issue regular updates to Construct 3, there will occasionally be new strings to be translated, or changes to existing strings. However in the past these have been around 10-20 strings per release, so it should be easy to keep up with. We issue translator notifications when we update the terms.

  • I'm afraid somewhere along the line the email addresses for Chrystian Sales, Huemerson Leonardo Garcia and HenriPK have gone missing on POEditor. Please email me at and I will arrange for your reward!

  • Hey, Ashley, could you check my contributions?

    I'm pretty sure I made over 1000 translations.

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  • I cannot find any contributors on POEditor with the username "gogdzl". Please also note that the reward programme has now ended since the translation previously reached 100% for the first time (although it is no longer at 100%), so contributions since then do not qualify for rewards.

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