Timing of calling "Draw" function

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  • Ashley

    Here is the description of timing of calling "Draw" function (reference)

    "Called when Construct wants the instance to draw itself in the Layout View."

    I am curious when to call this draw function by IDE. (perhaps each tick?)

    The use-case is, I have a property to set to color of placeholder. Here is the code to draw that placeholder.

    		Draw(iRenderer, iDrawParams)
    			// render placeholder
    The color of placeholder is changed when I set that "color" property. It worked great. 
    But... I had not added code under "OnPropertyChanged" function. Supposing that I should invoke redrawing with new color under "OnPropertyChanged" function.
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  • Draw() is called when the layout view renders, which is usually one-off when something has changed, but can be every tick (e.g. if drag-scrolling).

    The layout view automatically redraws when any property changes, so your code will work without having to add anything in OnPropertyChanged.

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