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  • What is this system?

    With this system, you can store and process user information online, and easily add the feature of online program or game to your projects in a special and professional way, as well as the top users table or achievement table for your projects. create.

    What are the features of this system?

    • Panel with beautiful and professional user interface
    • Build infinite scorecards
    • Build infinite achievements
    • Manage scores and achievements from the admin panel
    • Easy installation on hosts with training
    • Build a reverse score table
    • Code to put a scoreboard or achievement in blogs
    • Build infinite games
    • Manage games from the admin panel
    • Build infinitely variable to play
    • Manage variables and data from the admin panel
    • Added user section for each game
    • Manage users of each game from the admin panel
    • Build a version
    • Select multiple administrators for the panel (this can only be done by the main administrator)
    • Add or remove an administrator (this can only be done by the main administrator)
    • Installing a module for the panel (it is almost like WordPress, which is easy if someone wants to write a module for the panel later (modules include code or font or theme or language))

    Why should I use this system?

    This system simplifies the implementation of data storage and information processing and saves time

    Also with this system, you can manage your games and programs individually or in groups

    Is this system secure?

    Yeah. This system has high and professional security and a separate algorithm has been considered for each panel, which makes the security of this system more professional and in case of feedback and support, along with adding more features, increase the security of the system. I make it more professional.

    In what language is this system written?

    This system is provided in the following languages


    In what languages can this system be used?

    Any language in which a request can be sent to the server

    Because this system has Api

    Can this system be used in construct?

    This system has Construct 2 and Constrict 3 plugins

    Is this system expanding?

    With proper support and feedback, I will add new features to this system and extend it for use in other languages.

    GitHub :SurenaSystem

    Purchase link :SurenaSystem

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  • Hi

    The main post is made for this system and for more information, you can refer to the following link

    Thank you for your attention

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