A simple CLI tool to help with addon development: c3-addon-cli

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  • Hi,

    I've started to work on a simple cli to help addon development.

    Currently it supports:

    - starting a new plugin

    - adding a new action, condition or expression to a plugin

    I've plans to extend it with behaviour and effect management as well. Moreover, the current solution only adds the json part of an action/condition/expression, no boilerplate js is generated. I might add it as well.

    Try it out! :)

    Start a new plugin

    $ npx c3-addon-cli init Myplugin

    After answering a series of question, you got a plugin working in developer mode.

    Extend your plugin

    $ cd Myplugin
    $ npx c3-addon-cli addAction myAction

    To add a new action to your plugin.

    Publish your plugin

    $ npm run build

    This packages your plugin into a c3addon file that can be published at construct.net.

    For more info, check it out at: github.com/nagyv/c3-addon-cli

    PRs are welcome! :)

  • Hi, it would have been great to create a tool to be able to easily create it is extension for C3:)

  • I've created one too, but mine doesn't have "addAction", "addCondition", "addExpression". github.com/endel/c3addon

    I find the addon development experience awful, I constantly find myself having to remove my module -> restart the editor -> install my module again (through "http://localhost:5432/addon.json") -> restart editor -> (maybe have an error about language missing, which breaks everything) -> test something -> repeat.

  • endel I totall agree with you about the dev experience provided by Construct. That's why I try to separate addon development as much from C3 as possible, and provide a thin and well defined layer of interaction between C3 and my addon.

    E.g. I've decided to create my UI elements with React on top of C3, because it's fun to work with React, I can develop all the required interactions there, and have some simple, well defined methods to communicate between React and C3.

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  • Hi, we should translate all this into French:)

    Then I'd like you to teach me how to use it:)

  • :) allez les bleux!

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