How do you select any world object instances to manipulate them

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  • I am very new to Construct3 and I could not find what I wanted to know in the SDK documentation.

    I want my plugin to be able to fully manipulate all objects in the game. This is because I already have an existing client side browser game engine and I want to use Construct as the "graphics rendering" part of my game. I am essentially trying to write a graphics controller plugin that acts as the bridge between my existing game engine and Construct game. If server sends an event to my game engine on the browser, it will in turn trigger the plugin to manipulate the graphics.

    My game is a turnbased RPG game on grid maps.

    Some example of things I need the plugin to do are:

    • Switching between layouts
    • Be able to select an object and use pathfinder to move

    I apologize if I might have missed something from the SDK doc. If so, could you please point me to the right section of it?

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