rex_text_typing.c3addon and rex_timeline.c3addon conversion at runtime 3

  • I am extremely unhappy.

    At first. in the construct 3 standard function "Typewriter" which was recently added very everything is very limited

    1) there is no function when, for example, one letter is printed and sound is played, after which there must be a pause. And he constantly plays the sound until the text is printed

    2) there is no text typing speed function

    Secondly, Previously, the rex_text_typing.c3addon and rex_timeline.c3addon plugins worked for me, but now, firstly, one rex_timeline.c3addon plugin generates an error when construct 3 starts, and secondly, these two plugins only work during runtime 2

    Thirdly, I had a big project and now it is outdated and needs to be redone

    please convert these two plugins at runtime 3

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