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  • Hey Mikal,

    I really love your effect.

    I only have one problem, if I scale the sprite with relfectY on it the reflection gets distorted (also happens in your sample project).

    I don't understand how to keep the reflection 1:1 and I tried alot of things for example: if the sprite hast to be at 100%, square etc. but it seems somewhat random?

    Is there something I am missing?

    or does anyone else know?

    thank you!

  • Hi, if you have not solved this yet, can you share an example project which shows what you are trying to do? I don't quite understand what you are going for.

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  • thanks for the answer!

    When you open your sample project and scale the sprite (sprite3) that has the reflecY effect in editor.

    Now if you press play the reflections are offset and stretched.

    So it seems that the sprite with reflectY only reflect correctly at very specific sizes. Maybe I am misundestanding something fundamentally about this effect.

  • Ah, I see, yes, I think it must be 1:1 in terms of image size and sprite size. So if you need to increase the size, also increase the image size (in editor.)

  • I don't think that's the case from my experiments, it seems like it reflects correctly as long as it less than 100px in each direction if it is larger (scale/image size doesn't matter) it stretches. Maybe in the effect you mistakingly used pixels instead of scale percentages?

    But I guess it's a while since you created the effect, So I understand it's hard to go back. So no worries If you don't know a fix, it's not that important to me!

    Thank you nonetheless

  • Interesting. Ok well if it becomes more important for your project, come find me on the Construct Community Discord and we can figure it out.

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