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  • I created a game and installed the GameArter sdk addon. I also instructed Construct 3 to use "persistent storage." I saved the game with the installed addon. The next day I tried to load the game for further modification and got the following error:

    I have lost a day's work and now have to go back to an old baseline version, install the addon again and recode the sdk commands. Why is Construct 3 not saving the sdk addon?

  • Mungkin terhapus? Coba intall kembali addonnya

  • Sorry, but I don' know the language you're writing in. Can you restate it in English?

  • might be erased. Try installing the addon again

  • I installed the addon again and SAVED the game. However, the next day I try to LOAD the game and get the error message that the addon is not there.

    After much experimenting, I discovered that if I CLEAR CACHE in Chrome, the addon disappears. If I don't clear cache, the addon remains. It appears to me that the addon is treated like a COOKIE in Chrome. If you delete Cookies, you delete the addon. Is that how it's supposed to work?

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  • Yes: addons are saved to browser storage, and clearing the cache can clear the browser storage, depending on the particular settings you choose.

    "Cookies" is an unfortunate term in my opinion: it has come to mean any local storage. The term is needlessly obscure.

  • I always thought it was good practice to delete cookies periodically to keep your PC running lean and clean. I guess I'll have to change this practice of mine since I'm now working with an addon in my Construct 3 game.

    Thanks for explaining why I've been getting this problem.

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