Plugin error , Can't open the editor anymore

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  • hey Ashley , I started playing with the SDK , I was testing it , and I had an error in my code , so i zipped the files and installed the plugin , and the editor asked me to restart it , I refreshed the page and then I got this :

    Now I can no longer access to the editor, but when i clear all the cache it works again but can't connect to my account in the editor , I am stucked as a Guest

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  • The development process is pretty awkward at the moment, sorry. I've got several ideas to improve it such as hosting a plugin on a local webserver rather than having to install it to browser storage constantly.

    Currently if you get an error like that you just have to clear browser storage. Open dev tools, go to the Application tab, click the "Clear storage" category, then click "Clear site data". When it's done, reload. Your plugin will be uninstalled and you can try again.

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