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  • blackhornet - How to do i make the converted plugin from the series of file into a .c3addon. i thought it was just a .zip renamed, but c3 doesnt seem to like when i try that.


  • That's it. Go to the directory, select all of the files, ZIP, and rename. You don't even have to rename, you can pick "All files" from the filter control and pick the ZIP file then. That's what I do generally, for testing.

  • Ah. I was zipping the whole folder. Thx

  • blackhornet

    variadic parameter worked great, thanks.

    There has a little bug in en-US.json, {...} will be added twice at the end of "display-text".

  • Bug report:

    Exception: Unsupported condition flag:cf_fast_trigger, ex: official function plugin

  • rexrainbow

    I'll fix the {...} issue. I did warn on Jun 13 that the C3 SDK does not document a replacement for cf_fast_trigger. You'll have to take that up with them, on whether they are exposing an equivalent or not.

    Edit: there is also AddFunctionNameParam() which I never noticed before (sorry I didn't try converting the official function plugin since I knew it wouldn't work). You'll have to ask about that too. I suspect they really don't want to expose these, since they were only meant for the official function plugin (internally) in the first place.

    Edit2: actually I don't see the double {...} issue. Do you have an example?

  • blackhornet

    Agree, "AddFunctionNameParam" is only meaningful in official function plugin.

    But cf_fast_trigger is a common trigger which could be used in 3rd party plugin, imo. Ashley , could scirra please add cf_fast_trigger in C3 SDK?

  • Duplicating {} issue might happen in rex_timeline plugin, Action: Create timer, the description of that action is -

    "Create timer <i>{0}</i> with callback <i>{1}</i> (<i>{...}</i>)"

    This is only a small issue, nevermind.

  • v1.0.0.10 available.

  • Hi,

    Great tool.

    I think it doesn't work to convert effects... Can you please update the tool to work with effects?


  • paala

    So, I've got good news, and bad news... I'm working on the converter for Effects. I've hit a couple of snags, which I've started a new thread to get answers:

    I can get effects converted, and have tested a handful, however, I see you really want Outline (), but for some reason, even when converted, it just doesn't work.

    I keep reminding people on this thread that this tool is not for general users, it's to help the developers speed up conversion of their own plugins. I can't debug issues beyond the interface changes. So in this case, there's a problem, since R0J0hound has stated multiple times that he's lost interest in C2 SDK work. Your best bet at getting this converted fully may be to get Gigatron involved, as he does seem to thrive on Effects.

    I can provide the conversion I've got, if needed, or hopefully the small details get sorted out soon, and I'll just update the converter tool, and developers can start using it.

  • Hey!

    I just wanted to pass by and tell you that I successfully converted Kyatric’s CBH plugin (from C2 to C3) with your tool.

    I updated my released game (iOS/Android, and web versions) and it works like a charm in C3. No code changes needed.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • Thank you blackhornet,

    I am able to convert 100% every shadertoy shaders (simple pass or sometimes multi buffered ) big or not only in max 5 minutes for C2 90% of converted are working on C2;

    BTW Please Mr Ashley ... insert vec3 color to C2 runtime too ..

    For C3 it take 5 minutes too but only if no error detected inside any of 3 files ... if so the nightmare start )

    Merging the 3 file in one is the best solution ...

    I am working on online C2 to C3 fx converter ... really want 1 file instead of 3.

    Like you said ... *** If someone want particular c2 fx for C3 i am ready for convert it ... but slowly ***

    Thank you again for your plugin converter ;

  • paala

    outline fx link ;

    total conversion time 45 min !!! it's too long;

    total C3 restart at least 20 times ; cause mistake on one of 3 files ... (i don't want build local server)

    Conclusion ... the best way is 1 file instead of 3 ... and C3 must parse this file in 3 part with xml like :

    <section> language</section>

    <section> addondescription</section>

    <section> effect</section>


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  • Hi, I'd like to report a bug.

    The converter won't port ACES to aces.json properly if a ";" is missing at some point.

    And as it works with or without the ";" (and in the template provided, the commented lines for ACES Params don't have any ";") there may be cases, like mine where part of the ACES in edittime.js lack said ";".

    AddStringParam("Tag", "Enter the tag to reference")
    AddExpression(6, ef_return_number, "Layer", "Movement", "Layer", "Returns the Layer of a tag");[/code:8af6cue3]
    For instance, this wouldn't let expressions convert properly.
    You may wanna take this into account for any next update you'll be doing.
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