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  • Hey guys.

    Looking for someone to help me make a C3 plugin for fluid simulation. I'm looking for something like this.

    One example is things like this. (2d fluid simulation)

    Code and references can be found here, but I'm not very familiar with creating plugins and effects so need a little help to get it running.

    I'm planning on selling the plugin/effect on the scirra store when it's done, so you can choose weather you want to get payed for your work or get revshare.

    I have more things in mind later, so if you wish to team up to create more great high quality plugins for. Let me know.


  • How exactly do you envision this working? Will it be a behaviour applied to a sprite? Is it it's own object? Or is it purely a graphical effect?

    Do you want it to effect other objects? Any objects that are touching? Or tagged?

    I'd be interested in taking on the challenge, but need more information on exactly how you see this working.

  • Hey KeeghanM, cool. Thank's for the reply.

    I guess it would have to be in an object something similar to the Paster plugin. I think that's the best approach as you can restrict the area and have fluid simulations in a restricted "container" (the size of the object), both for performace and if you don't want to use the effect everywhere. Maybe it could also be as an effect you can apply to a sprite, or to a layer, not sure if that would be any good but maybe also an option.

    But from there, there needs to be controllable points for the "emitters" something that can be set with an expression.

    For instance, you probably want to set the position to something, like a rocket backburner, or any other XY position. And a couple of actions to Set the angle of the spray, color, etc.

    Of course it also needs some variables like the github link i referenced. Vorticity, color, speed, spray on/off etc. For a first test it does not have to be very advanced, just to see if it can be done, because it's a really nice cool looking effect.

    After that we could check more features later like the youtube link. Object Blockers etc. But for a first test simple will do fine. But plan is to make it very similar to the unity plugin in the youtube link.

    Cheers, let me know what you think would be the best approach.

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  • Yeah, the way I see it working is with an object you define as your "Fluid". This is where you define the properties such as vorticity, diffusion, etc.

    Then you have a behaviour you add to other objects, which when they are over the "Fluid" and move they add a new "Splat". You can then define on each object the colour, size and other things.

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