What do I need to do to a plugin to make it compatible with scene graph?

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  • Instances of my plugin won't show up as options when you use Add Child action on it. What do I need to do to make it available there?

    I thought it might have something to do with plugin.js (maybe a new option?). I already have:

    this._info.SetIsResizable(true); this._info.SetIsRotatable(true); this._info.SetSupportedRuntimes(["c2", "c3"]); this._info.SetHasAnimations(true); this._info.SetIsSingleGlobal(false); this._info.SetMustPreDraw(true); this._info.SetCanBeBundled(false); this._info.AddCommonPositionACEs(); this._info.AddCommonAngleACEs(); this._info.AddCommonAppearanceACEs(); this._info.AddCommonZOrderACEs();

    Is anything there incompatible? Is anything missing?

  • Ashley

  • Sorry, I missed this first time around. I've added a AddCommonSceneGraphACEs() method for the SDK in the next release, which is currently what determines scene graph support. Note to support scene graph your plugin must be prepared to have its geometric properties controlled by the runtime when it's attached to a parent, and it must support all the possible transforms like position, size and angle.

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  • Sounds good. Thank you.

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