Game Distribution SDK Implementation for Rewarded Videos

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  • Hi, I'm trying to implement the Game Distribution SDK in my game for rewarded videos. I see that the SDK includes very limited functions such as preload and show.

    Also, its not very clear how to pause the game when AD is playing and Unpause when its over.

    Lastly, not sure how to put a condition where in if the user sees the video completely then he is rewarded else not.

    I was hoping that someone has done this implementation and could throw some light on this or share a sample file or something. Would be great help.

    Thank you very much.

  • kcalpesh

    Have done this before, aren't the following options in image covering all your requirements?

  • This is all what I see. I downloaded the plugin for construct 3 from game distribution website just a few days back.

    I'm not sure how you see the options you've posted.

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  • kcalpesh

    Which game distribution website? And may I know what is your end objective so I can help you with that directly?

    The screenshot I shared with you is C3 native plugin for Mobile Ads.

    / Umar

  • Thanks Umar!!

    This is gamedistribution dot com.

    Requires API integration for shared revenue and publishing game on their website and their network of publishers.

  • I see some limitations with their SDK, just skimmed though it.

    May I ask why you don't want to use Google Admob for the purpose? It is much easier to implement.

    Drop me an email on readumar at gmail

    Will be faster for me to respond to you.



  • Hi Umar, I'm thorough with Google Admob implementation and have already implemented it with app being on playstore. However, without spending on marketing it's difficult to reach the audience. Thus tying up with websites like wanted5, game distribution, game monetize etc to reach the target audience. Which is why the need to integrate the API. :-)

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Hmm. Okay. In that case don't worry too much about refining the experience to as it is with Google Admob. Just use the best of these SDKs and that's it.

    I can see they have a Unity plug-in as well, maybe that has more flexibility as it can be programmed a bit at least at game level.

    Have fun.



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