failed to add because addon.json missing, mac OSX Chrome

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  • Hi there -

    Uploading even an empty addon to C3 on a mac isn't working. I was using the default example version, which is there, and I got the same error as a modified version of an old C2 addon -

    "Failed to install the addon, see browser console for details."

    When I checked the console, it says:

    Error installing addon: Error missing addon.json
    at o.!ABK.then (main.js:71)
    at <anonymous>[/code:1cry3tol]
    Unfortunately, there's definitely a valid addon.json in both the example and the ported addon package.
    What to do?
    This happens in both incognito mode (free of ad-blockers etc) and in my normal privacy shelters.
    	[li]is it possible to use addons in the free edition at all?[/li]
    	[li]is there something else going on here?[/li]
    	[li]Mac OSX Yosemite[/li]
    	[li]Chrome latest[/li]
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  • You may have zipped "the folder" instead of "the files". Check your zip file, there should be files and two folders (except your extras) NOT only single folder.

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