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  • I do not know if it's the right section, but I have a curiosity.

    I tried to create an executable file with NW.js and with Electronjs. Both for Windows 64bit. I used KiwiStory as a starting point, without modifying anything (I just added a ico file). I setted to true the option Deduplicate images, Recompress images and Minify script.

    For NW.js I used this tutorial. For Electronjs I used this instructions to download a zip files with the HTML and JS source. Then I created an electron app that reference to index.html like start page. This is a github with my code.

    And this is the two files I obtained (hosted on GitHub)

    As you can see, the NWjs export is 77MB (compressed), the Electronjs export is 47MB. If I decompress the NWjs's file I get a folder of 154MB. Electronjs is 3 times smaller than NWJS.

    Instead the used RAM is similar:

    So, why is the size difference so big?

    Another question, from a noob.

    Many applications have been built with electronjs. I myself use some of these (Gitkraken and Atom and Skype). Why does Scirra / Construct prefer NWJS? Are there any features that are missing at Electron?

    One last question: using electron to create a file to distribute is allowed by the terms of use of Costruct3? (Obviously with an active subscription)

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  • I tried to create an autoupdate for an app built with C3 and electronjs. When I release a new version of my app, a warning appears and is automatically installed in place of the old version.

    I followed this guide. On windows it works, on linux there are some problems.

    link to image

    (I have no idea how to implement the same thing with nwjs)

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