Editor SDK - possible to get a referance to other instances / objects?

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  • In the C3 editor SDK, is there a method available to get references to other objects/instances in the layout? For example, I want one object to 'link' to other nearby objects/instances, so that when I change that object, I can also have the nearby instances change (e.g. modify aspects of their world info) I want it to also be reflected in the editor when I change the one object in the editor, not just at runtime.

    Just a list of objects/instances in a layout would work well too.


  • Hi, I am checking again if this is possible in the editor, a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

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  • Hey, Mikal.

    I dont think that there is a documented way to do this right now.

    The addon sdk is still a bit limited. If you need additional functionality, you should request it.

    Unfortunately, the scirra team is small and sometimes slow to respond.

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