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  • Here is the code:

    			var items = [ "ABC", "123", "XYZ" ];
    			var opt = {
    				initialValue: items[0],
    				items: items
    				new SDK.PluginProperty("combo", "gamemodule", opt)

    In the editor is showing [???] in combo values, because there is no translation. BUT: I don't want translatie the properties, because the list can differ (on construct restart).

    How can i disable translation for a specific plugin oder context? I want to see the values ABC, 123, XYZ in the combo list. No [???] ;)

    Thank you,


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  • Hey,

    I think you miss understood the SDK for the Combo items options.

    items is not an array of the Combo values, but it's an array if the values IDs so to make it work you need to have this in your "lang/en-US.json"

    "properties": {
    	"gamemodule": { 
    		"name": "Combo name",
    		"desc": "Combo description",
    		"items": {
    			"ABC": "ABC",
    			"123": "123",
    			"XYZ": "XYZ"

    For more info check the COMBO PROPERTIES section in this page https://www.construct.net/fr/make-games/manuals/addon-sdk/guide/language-file

    let me know if it does resolve your problem

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