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  • Hi Chadori,

    I have an app where I need to update content every week (not the functions/features, but the content, say levels that have lots of coding). Does the Firebase plugin in your Collection have any mechanism to tackle this? Can I auto update the content of my app without having to resubmit it?

  • Hi Pagr13, you can use Firebase Remote Config or PlayFab.

  • Awesome. Thanks.

  • Hi Chadori. I purchased your Construct Master Collection. My account was debited, but then your website showed some error. I haven't received any notification from you. I didn't know how else I could connect to you. Please tell me what to do.

  • Hi Pagr13, sorry that has happened to you. In an event of an error, a support email should have been sent to your account to resolve the issue. Have you tried checking your mailbox?

    If there is still an issue, please let me know. Or, you can also send your concern to customer support (

  • The problem has been resolved. Thank you so much.

  • Hi Chadori! Any update on Android Mobile Billing for IAP?

    Also, can you please guide me which add-on feature from play-fab do I need to use, in order to make my app auto-update the content, Publisher, CDN, Cloud Script? Which one should I use so that my app content gets updated automatically, without rebuilding my app and submitting new .aab or xcode files?

  • Hi Pagr13, I'll make sure to announce here as soon as it is released.

    Regarding your inquiry about server-side app updates, with PlayFab, you have a lot of options and all those mentioned are included and can be used as well.

    However, the easiest and most common is through title data a.k.a game data, which is in the context of Construct 3, is like your own 'constant global variable'.

    For protection, the title data is read-only a.k.a constant, but you can also write/modify it through the server, if you allow it, using Cloud Script.

    Basically, to use this feature, you add the Title Manager object in your project, and get the title data.

    To write your title data, you need to go to your PlayFab console, from your studios and titles list, pick the studio and then the title (game) you want to modify, then go to the Content tab, and it will by default show the title data page, where you can finally begin writing your title data.

    The data structure is similar to writing a Construct 3 dictionary, it is a key-value pair, with the user interface being as user friendly as Construct 3's editor. And to get the value from Construct 3, you run 'Get Title Data' with the keys you want retrieved from the server.

    If you have studio-wide data in mind, there is also something called publisher data a.k.a 'studio data', which is shared among all games under a studio (You can have multiple studios). To use this feature, insert the Publisher object, and use it like the User Data and Title Manager addons.

    You can also use Cloud Script, if you like writing functions in your server to process and retrieve the data manually. And other cool cloud scripting features.

    Although, basically, the title data through the Title Manager is the easiest and most convenient way.

    There is also Mobile Firebase Config, which is specifically made for this feature, but it is a native implementation restricted to Android and iOS.

    Good luck!

  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for explaining everything so well. Really appreciate. :-)

  • Hi everyone, great news! The first batch of new addons should be released this September 11, 2021, with the new Mobile Billing.

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  • New addons that completed testing, and will be in the next update.

    Mobile Billing

    - Complete and latest implementation of Google's In-App Billing SDK and Apple's Store Kit In-App Purchases SDK.

    Mobile Notifications

    - Complete implementation of native local mobile notifications.

    There are other addons that are currently in testing, if I make the target date, they will be included in the next update.

    For the complete target goal, click here.

    That's all for now.

  • Hi everyone, Mobile Billing and Mobile Notification are now out.

    Please click here to download the update.

  • If we have used your plug-in to implement subscription iaps, will we need to update our apps that are currently in the app/play store? Or will the original version continue to work correctly?

  • Hi Sofa_King, for those who are still using the Mobile Master IAP in their published apps, their apps will still work up to November 2021.

    For new applications, please use the new Mobile Billing addon.

  • Hi Chadori! I purchased your "Construct Master Collection", but I am unable to enable the features in my project. I am not a game developer and finding it difficult to do the coding. Can you please suggest someone who can do it for me? I need someone who can enable Auto-Update and IAP features in my app (both Android and IOS). Any good leads would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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