Cannot Open C3 Project after Installing GameDistribution SDK

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  • is a website for uploading and publishing your game. It requires the installation of the GameDistribution SDK in order to insert an advertising command within the game. provides a specific SDK designed for Construct 3 that can be downloaded and then installed via C3's Addon Manager.

    I was able to successfully download the SDK and then install it in my C3 game. It actually appears at the top of the list in the Addon Manager.

    After saving the project and later attempting to load the project for further refinement, the project fails to load. The following message displays:

  • I just tried and it seems to be fine. In C3, do an About, and scroll down to make sure the 'persistent storage' line isn't showing a problem.

  • When I click About/Platform Information, it say "Persistent storage: No". Is that what it should be?

    I found in the C3 manual to "Enable the Bundle Addons in Project Property to include any third party addons the project uses in the saved project file."

    My project did not have this enabled, so I enabled it.

    Now I can open my project, but I have to reinstall the GamesDistribution SDK each time. See the displayed message below:

    Is this how it's supposed to work? I assumed the addon was saved with the project.

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  • You definitely need persistent storage - that's where the plugins are stored.

  • Okay. I turned on persistent storage, but I'm still getting the message (shown in my previous post) to install the GameDistribution addon every time I try to open my project.

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