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  • !!!! NO LONGER MAINTAINED, it has been merge in this Tool, please use this new C3 CLI


    Hey guys,

    I am Diptox, some of you may know me as hmmg in C2 forum, I used to create addons for C2, you may know some of my work as "TransitionLayout 1&2", "ListView" "AutoComplete" etc... .

    I stopped for a while, because I had to work and study and I no longer had time for Addons, and now I am back to C3, and I am going to work on some pretty good Addons stay tuned.

    So while I am exploring the SDK documentation, I found the Setup part a little bit Long and maybe difficult for beginners to setup a local webserver and configure it.

    So I made this NPM package that may help you in seconds to run your local webserver and start making addons just by writing this command as an example : c3-webserver -p 8000 ~/diptox/addons/ you will have a running webserver.

    You can configure the Port, the HTTPS port, the package will generate an SSL certificate so you can work on https://localhost too.

    Check the Readme : https://github.com/diptox-c3/dev-webserver#c3-dev-webserver

    • Fixed missing dependencies
  • Thank you so much for this. I haven't yet attempted to set it up, but it sounds perfect. Awhile back I set up a local WAMP https server and hated every minute of getting that thing configured. It eventually worked, but since then I've needed to uninstall it, and because I didn't have any pressing need for a custom C3 plugin, I put aside even tinkering with them because the https server setup was so annoying. This inspires me to give it another try, thank you.

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  • No problem, Let me know if you need any help

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