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  • Hello everyone!

    Over the past few days, I've whipped up a small, but useful dev environment for c3 addons.

    It takes care of boilerplate addon dev setup. (Renaming IDs in files and more), setting up a cors enabled web server to host your files and automatically generates a .c3addon file when you're ready to export.

    ... with the following commands.

    npm run create

    npm run export

    npm run dev-server

    npm run test

    There are more in "in depth" tutorials on Github.


    I've only thoroughly tested the behavior and single global plugin creation and will continue to test and fix bugs for the next couple of days.

    If you find anything that needs fixing, please let me know and create an issue on Github.

    Or if you feel like contributing, please send over a pull request.

    Have fun, Thanks!

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  • Update

    All "All" bugs are fixed!

    I refactored so addon types are more data driven, making it easier to change stuff without causing unexpected issues.

    All types are now supported and tested.

    I simplified the dev-server command to test

    I also simplified project addons & exports folder structure.

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