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  • Hey guys,

    Today I present to you a new C3 dev tool which is a Construct 3 Command Line Interface (CLI) that will manage your C3 dev environment.

    This CLI will contains multiple functions that will help a C3 developer to easily work and focus on the codding part only without worrying about the configuration and setup of their development environment.


    [X] Create Addons

    [X] Merge the C3-webserver to this CLI

    [ ] Download Addons

    and more to come

    Create Addons

    Using this function, you will be able to create Addons (Plugin/Behavior/Effect/Theme) without the need to download a template and copy-paste the files and changing the id in almost 14 files,everything is handled by the c3-cli, it will copy-paste the needed files and it will replace all ids and class names with an id that you enter in all necessary files.

    More info here

    (new) Create dev server

    Using this function, you will be able to run a fully pre-configured web server with HTTP and HTTPS protocols, you can run the web-server on any directory you want.

    More info here

    For more informations, suggestion or bug report please check

    Git: github.com/diptox-c3/c3-cli

    NPM: npmjs.com/package/c3-cli

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  • New feature added, enjoy

  • Thank you so much, this is exactly what I need; but the https server does not work. I hope you can look into it.

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