Admob only show test add?

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  • Hi i try many tutorial and way but i didint see any my ads. Before i was using Construct 2 my ads work perfect but construct 3 isint work. Where did i wrong?


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  • Where are you testing it? What do you mean when you say it isnt working?

  • Hi.

    I am testing on phone as android app. I dont see my ads.

    When i click on test check box and export android app i see test ads on phone.

  • You should be using test mode when testing until the app is published. Since you tried it without test mode I'm not sure on the expected outcome, you are at risk of your account being closed if you test like this. I don't know if real adverts should be shown, I guess they could be, but since test adverts are working fine then you should first publish the app then and if the real adverts are working.

  • Thanks. I ll try send my real android acound, publish and will see result. But why people say something like this. Every tutorial only show test ad app :( and nobody say real ads only can appear when puplish. I dont have any solution for now.

  • to test admob ads use test id

    and then use yours and publish

    wait 24h and your ads will work

    it's like that all fresh adunits created by admob need time to serve ads and also admob need published bundle id to serve ads too

  • Thanks for clear answer. Now i see my ads. It is look like need time, it wasnt quicly solve.

    But now I have an another problem. Some of my game images going to black time by time. Than all images going black and warm phone. :/

  • I search about it and learn it is problem for Samsung phones. WebGL issue. Now i try handle it.

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