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  • Hi,

    i created a plugin with an action called "TrackEvent", the 2nd param should be an object with key-value pairs, for example: {level: 10, score: 20, stars: 2}. The keys can change, so the structure must be variable.

    How to solve this properly? I mean you only can use string, number and boolean as data types.

    Maybe using the type "object" and then work with the JSON of C3?

    But then how i access the data in my plugin action method? console.log shows me "C3.ObjectClass" for this parameter. How I should proceed?

    Or is there a better way?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Well, I am a step further.

    Using "object" as type and JSON as object, I can access to instance variables via _instVars. At least i get the keys and their type. But how do i access their values?


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