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  • hey Ashley ,

    I have few questions about Add-ons making in C3

    1 - Should an add-on developer reload all of C3 after each change in the code ? even a ","

    2 - The Add-ons making seems to be so hard to setup and configure and even moving between files, while javascript is the most flexible language which allows you to do amazing things so easy and fast.

    So are you planning on a re-make of the sdk again with more simple structure and better-dev experience ?

    3 - Is there a documentation on how we can create our own Exporter( like the Cordova exporter ) ?

    4 - For the canvas rendering are you using your own framework ?

    If yes , is there any possibility in the future that you change to another one like PixiJs which is so advanced but have a big community and contributors so bugs and features will be fixed and added more frequently ?

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