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  • I downloaded and installed the MyDOM sample plugin successfully via "Add dev addon" `http://localhost:8080/addon.json`.

    Afters I copied that to another directory, did a global search/replace of the "MyCompany_MyPlugin" to start customizing...then uninstalled the MyDOM addon and restarted Construct.

    Then, when running my local http-server in the new directory, it still loads the old addon.json. If I load `http://localhost:8080/addon.json` in the browser it brings up the correct/newer file but Construct does not.

    If I change the port number then it worked (but uninstalling the MyDOM plugin crashed and necessitated clearing the cache): it appears that each time I want to change the ID or add another custom plugin I have to increment the port number.

    Is there something I'm missing in the process? Thank you!

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  • I'm not entirely sure, but if you use "https" instead of "http" it probably shouldn't be a problem.

    you can look at this link for the https server.

  • It doesn't make a difference.

    I don't have a problem loading an add-on; the problem seems to be that once a url gets associated with a plugin-id you can't load another addon from that url [without clearing the browser cache].

  • It may be an issue with your local server and C3 editor caching behavior.

    I use C3IDE on windows to develop and to serve developer versions of addon files and it works well (addon changes are reflected after C3 restart.)

    On Mac I use nodemon and a server.js script which reloads the local server on addon file changes, which also works well (after C3 restart.)

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