Russian language update for Construct 3 (2020)

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  • Hi, everybody. Due to the fact that Construct is developing very quickly, there are more and more untranslated phrases. I would like to inform you that on 14.10.2020, Construct was fully upgraded to 100%

    Russian Russian translation of Construct 3 was very pleasant to me and I am ready to translate the site/FAQ and forum elements into Russian with full enthusiasm for a fee (banal for a subscription).

    My statistics on transfers:

    Find the problem:

    Unfortunately, some translations had to fill in the FEW AND MANY tabs. However, all translations are made in the highest quality.

    There are some phrases that leave much to be desired (they are marked). I hope that in the future someone (or I) will change these translations for the better.

    Thank you for reading this topic.

    With ❤️, Russian developer community


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  • Thanks for your contributions!

  • After verification, rewards will be issued?

    By the way, what about the translation of the site itself

  • I'm afraid at the moment our reward programme only issues free subscriptions when the translation first reaches 100%. The aim is to incentivize the completion of the language in the first place. That happened quite a long time ago for the Russian translation. We don't have a rewards programme for on-going updates of translations at the moment.

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