Is the XCode Export option broken?

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  • I have tried to search for this in the forums, but the search function has been down for weeks now.

    When I export my project into XCode following the instructions in this tutorial:

    And then once attempt to run/test the project, it loads 75% then shows a black screen, then white screen, then attempts to load again. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the exporter?

    I have attempted to remove all code from my game down to jest a menu screen and still has the same problem.

    If it's an issue on my end, all I can think that could be causing the issue is the settings somewhere, but the tutorial does not say much on the subject.

    Any help in resolving this is very much appreciated as this has been a 2 year project and I would like for it to be on the App Store alongside the Google Play Store.

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  • I found a solution in the comments on Github for a similar issue. For anyone else in the future who might have this same issue, disable the "Preload sounds" option in your project, and when you export, disable the "minify script" option.

    Unless there is a fix planned for this, I suggest this be added to the tutorial.

    Hope this helps!

  • I have a similar problem - see here:

    I get the black/white screen too.

    Do you get an error in the Xcode log when you try and build your game on your phone?

    If we’re all suddenly getting this problem does it indicate an issue with the current build? I’m using /r105.

  • I thought I had responded to your post,

    After some testing, I believe it was the music file type that was causing issues. Once the game was running without preloaded sounds, the game would reset when playing the sound played by button presses in my project. After converting everything to mp3 audio files, I could preload sounds without problems.

    However, playing music has a MAJOR effect on performance, so now I am preloading the music files as sounds. This makes a longer initial load time, but the game is playable after that.

    I had seen your post before, however your issues may be different from mine. I am using the r98 stable build of C3.

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