Xbox one and game saves

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  • Does anyone know how Xbox one handles game saves for games made with Construct?

    I have my game installed and running fine on Xbox one but I'm experiencing an issue with game saves. I think it occur when an Xbox has more than one profile.

    I will try to give you an example

    Gamertag 1:

    plays game and saves progress

    Gamertag 1:

    returns to game and loads previous save just fine. Then saves progress again.

    Gamertag 2:

    Plays game for the first time. The game identifies that no save game currently exists and so starts new game. Player saves progress.

    Gamertag 1:

    Returns to game and tries to load progress. However the game now loads the progress saved from Gamertag 2's session.

    I am using the standard game save feature within construct. I initially thought with the way this feature saves the game, then it would only have one save state regardless of the profile signed in to play the game.

    Does anyone know how construct game saves work on xbox? How does xbox identify saves made with different profiles on a game made with construct (where the save file is embedded in the game as opposed to a separate file linked to a profile, which is visible with commercially released games)?

    Any help appreciated


  • I'm not familiar with how save works, but perhaps you should try to handle save through local storage by yourself.

    This would help you to set the gamertag directly in the save key name, to separate it and make sure only the save for the current profile is used.

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  • Thank you for the reply. I will look into how local storage is used. I've noticed the Xbox live plugin can also retrieve a user's unique Xbox ID, so that could also be useful here.

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