What did I do wrong? Looks like it's missing the CSS in Chrome.

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  • I don't think this is as much a C3 question as it is a Chrome question, but the problem is only with C3.

    I downloaded my demo as an HTML5 game. Uploaded it to my server. When I open the game in Chrome - it looks like it's missing the css. BUT when I open it in Firefox it's fine. When my daughter opens it on her laptop in Chrome it looks fine. When I open it on my phone in Chrome it looks normal-ish (but that's a whole 'nother question)

    I have Web Developer extension added to both Chrome and Firefox, but I haven't used them yet. The laptop is 4 days old. I have rebooted. Refreshed the browser using Shift+Ctrl+R. Cleared all 4 days worth of cache - same problem.

    All the other sites in other tabs in Chrome are fine. AND when I do the Preview from the C3 program in chrome - also fine. It's only when I download the program as an HTML5 game and upload it to my server do I have this issue.

    Again, I'm assuming this isn't as much a C3 issue as a Chrome issue, but I'm worried that Chrome is picking up something that's wrong, where all the other browsers maybe just letting it slide - you know how that is.

    Any thoughts?


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  • You cleared you CACHE including history, cached files AND websites data?

    You can access the dialob box by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DEL

    Try clearing it while not on the actual page, bug after visiting it, to be sure it's in your "recent cache" that will be cleared.

  • Ok ready for this one?

    I removed the s from the https:// in my secure domain and everything is working.

    As long as I use http:// - the app works fine. Guess I'll figure that out tomorrow.

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