Working on a character select for my learning project?

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  • I got my project working with a character select but how would I go about getting a character controls to work across all characters instead of having to make them over and over for each character I add? I am currently using a sprite as a spawner for the character on layout load. Any ideas would be great on how to once a character is spawned to use global controls I have done.

  • It's not totally clear what you mean. How did you make your char select? It's a multiplayer game? They are using platform behaviour? You want one char to have default controls while another uses other keys? All characters should have the same controls (not sure how that would work for a game)?

  • Trying to fix some bugs but I found a way by making them a "family".

  • Yep that could work..

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  • Basically when the game starts it will ask what character to play(character select) then it will continue to the game with said character, all current character share controls, while I'm not sure this would change at least I found a way, for now, to make them all use the same code vs having a ton of duplicate redundant code.

  • Ah right so you were concerned about duplicating a bunch of events, yeah Families are probably the way!

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