How to make a Window showing complete Layout

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  • Hi everyone...I need some help with my new game,

    So Imagine a big layout of 2000x1000px

    And the window size to be of 500x1000px

    Now the player would see the playing area of course (500x1000) when he plays, but what if I also want the player to see the rest of the layout (in real time) in a little box at top of screen.

    If you did not understand what I am trying to say... See the image below.

  • There are a few ways to do this. Have you tried searching the tutorials for a method you're comfortable with?

    There are a few considerations. Is the map a fixed map? You can just use a separate minimap sprite, and cover sections of it to simulate fog of war. Is the map randomly generated? The drawing canvas can be used to dynamically create a map. Or you can make a simplified representation of your layout with lower resolution pieces. You can maybe even have a duplicate of your entire layout on a separate layer and scale that layer down.

  • What if i dont want to show a map but real time feed of rest of the layout.

    Let me explain with an example,

    Look at the image below....

    This is a classic tower stack game ... remember those? Now i can see the play area ie. the top of tower and sky. Right? But what if i want to show my player a mini version of the complete tower build so far in a small window at top corner of the screen ?

    Now doing that will require capturing an image of the whole layout (not just the window size). How can i do that?

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  • The simplest method I would try first would be to have a copy of all relevant objects on a second (non interactive) layer, scale that layer down, set parallax to 0 and scroll it to the desired position.

    See if the result is satisfactory. You can try applying some visual effects to the minimap layer as well.

  • I liked your idea, but it would cause a significant performance drop especially in a game with 100(s) of physics objects.

    Any other solution? .... Like i said before, one approach would be to take a snap of whole layout (not just window size) and then using your idea of putting that image on a layer scaling it etc. is there a way to do that?

  • Not certain, but the drawing canvas object should be able to do that. It will be similar in concept to a split screen set up. I'd need to experiment a bit though to see if it works.

  • Alright i will try that.

  • oosyrag

    The Drawing Canvas Plugin can show the canvas snapshot but what about the rest of the screen that is not visible?

  • you would have to adjust the layout scale to make everything fit on the screen, take a snapshot, and then set scale back to what it was. that is how people have done similar things (like split screens)...

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