Why my physic object falls through an other physic object?

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  • Hi,

    iam new so first hello to the community. my english is not so well but i hope you will understand.

    whats the problem?

    i try to make somting like the rise up app. i mean that i want to push falling objekts in my scene away with the some other object controled with the mouse. for now thats working good but if i hit the objects that i want to push away some of them gitch though my object that i use as the cursor.

    the falling objects are sprites with physic behaviors and my "bat" is a sprite two with physic an drag and drop behaviors. but if i use my bad fast some objects falls though my bat.

    wat can i do to fix this?

    i hope you understand my problem?

    thank you!

  • Have you tried making the objects solid? Also check the bounding box on the object.

  • Yes they are solid and with the bounding box all fine. but if i move bat with the mouse to fast the other object cliping some times though the bat. :(

  • have you tried snap to feature?

  • hey, thanks for the replay. sorry i not realy understand. can you please explain it to me?

    thank you!

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  • Now i try the "Physics: Rolling platformer" from the "Intermediate Examples". I only add drag and drop behavior to the construct Logo and thers the same. if i grap this and pull it into the green boxes the logo flip though the objects.

    so is ther a way to "fix" this?

  • I'm not sure, I am quite new. But there is a snap to feature that I seen on the intermediate examples. Maybe try it in the c3 runtime. Also post some screenshots and GIFs and your event sheet and maybe we can help better.

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