Why does Noise (advanced random) break on movement?

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  • I made this slightly modified advanced random example file to showcase how Voronoi and Cellular break if you move around (maybe others too, but less visibly).

    Just use the arrows to move around and very soon you'll see it breaking in straight lines like in the example below:

    Is this a bug?

    EDIT: it looks a lot like a bug, so I reported it, still, any insights are welcome.


  • Well the example has antialiasing off, so that could be it.

    If you turn it on, it will break the timing however.

    Its not made for this kind of rendering.

  • No I think he posted the wrong screenshot - you can see it clearly if you head to negative y and negative x coordinates on the noise in the example project he posted.

    I don't think its a bug. Its probably just the way the example project was put together does not handle negative coordinates well, but I haven't examined it enough to see why yet though.

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  • I take that back, its probably a bug (possibly faulty implementation?) or at least a limitation of whatever Worley noise algorithm was used (Voronoi is generated from the same base noise as Worley, so it is also affected). I don't see it happening with the other noise functions with negative inputs.

  • I did post the wrong screenshot, sorry about that. this is the real issue.

    thanks a bunch oosyrag for the catch.

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