Why does my game run faster when my pc is charging ?

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  • I know when the pc recharges its performance improves but it bothers me. In my racing game it lead to too slow or too fast player's speed ...

    How do you deal with this problem?

  • Typically varying speeds (at least with Construct) means the device you are running it on either cant handle faster speeds without more voltage('overclocking' as its known), or your device is maximizing battery life at the detriment of speed. There isnt much you can do to stop performance from varying on less powerful devices, but if your device is maximizing battery life, you can change the settings to optimize it for gaming or set it to a balanced state. You might also want to try optimizing your game by keeping repeating events to a limit and capping the max number of sprites on a layout at once.

  • The link to the Construct 3 version of the tutorial is: Delta-time and framerate independence

  • Thanks to you three! Since I was using the "physical" behavior the framerate independent was not active unlike the other behavior. I wasn't aware of this kind of subtlety.

  • That's not right, all behaviors, including physics, should already be framerate independent. You might have some other issue.

    Note that there is a minimum framerate of 30fps.


    At very low framerates, dt can become very large. For example, at 5 FPS, dt is 0.2. An object moving at 500 pixels per second is therefore moving 100 pixels per tick. This can cause it to "teleport" through walls or miss collisions with other objects.

    Games are usually unplayable at such low framerates, but it is even worse if they become unstable like that. To help the game stay reliable even at very low framerates, Construct 2 does not let dt get larger than 1/30 (about 0.033). In other words, below 30 FPS, dt stays at 0.033. This does also mean below 30 FPS the game starts going in to a slow-motion effect (described earlier as one of the issues of framerate dependent games), however this is usually a better result than the "teleporting objects" problem.

    If you want to set a different limit to 1/30, you can use the system action Set minimum framerate.

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  • It's true oosyrag you're right I activated the independence framerate for the physics behaviour and although I had the impression that it worked yesterday, I tried again this morning but it didn't change anything ...

    (I also want to clarify that my games run too fast on my pc because when I recharge it my FPS goes from 60 to 144 !)

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