Why are certain objects in my project invisible?

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  • Hello,

    I've been messing around with multiplayer, just getting everything connected. I want the game to be a coop platformer, so I added a tileset and sprite with basic collisions and movement. However, when I pressed play, they were nowhere in sight.

    After trying to get them working for a while, I launched the game in debug mode. To my surprise, the sprite was not only on screen, but moving when I used the movement buttons. So the sprite and the tileset are still present and functioning, just invisible, and no matter what I do, they stay invisible.

    By the way, the tileset and sprite are on their own seperate layer, if that means anything. I've tried forcing the layer to be visible on layout startup, but nothing happened.


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  • I was able to figure out the issue.

    For some reason, the default layer you start with in construct 3 has an opaque background which I was only able to remove by moving all of the objects on that layer to another and then deleting that layer.

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