Why C3 generated .APK shows parse error on phones?

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  • When I install APK to Android, there is a parse error when I double click the file on phone.

    I have tried to export apk from C3 and renamed zip to .apk when saved it with browser, and I enabled two different phones to accept apk files from unknown source.

    Both phones do show same error and fail to install apk.


  • I have tried to export apk from C3 and renamed zip to .apk when saved it with browser

    If you export apk from C3 you should already get it as an apk, which you can install directly on the phone. you should not need to rename anything, then you do something wrong.

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  • When the C3 Editor / Chrome saves the apk file as a download, for some reason the extension .apk is automatically changed to .zip by browser.

    The dialog says: Export finished! Download file2021.zip

    The zip file contains config xml and json files, package json and www folder so it should be ok

    PS; The same bug appears sometimes also when it saves zip format file c3p

  • Should there be Androidmanifest.xml inside? Its missing ..

  • then you are not exporting an apk.

    you are exporting something else, maybe a cordova project or a html export..

  • If Construct gives you a .zip file, you did not build an APK. You must have chosen a different option, like a Cordova project (which is for building an app yourself). If you rename that .zip to .apk, it's not an Android app and so it will be invalid. Make sure you choose to build an APK when exporting. You will then be able to download a file already named .apk.

    See the tutorial Building Android apps (APKs) in Construct 3 for more help.

  • Thanks, sorry my mistake, I selected Export Android Cordova with Min version: 5.1 lollipop, but did not change the ANDROID BUILD field; There was a default that made a zip file.

    Just uploaded the apk to Android phone and it works OK.

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