What's wrong with my code with this slider?

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  • I followed the YouTube video.

    It worked great for a horizontal slider, but I can't get it to work vertically.

    It is supposed to stay within the sliderSide (which is set at 50% opacity)

    It keeps going beyond the slider and not staying within the size of the slider.

    There is a slider on either side. This slider is sliderSide and moveSide.


    Note, ignore the controller under the slider, that will go as soon as I get this slider working.

  • Sorry, couldn't figure out the formulas in your code.

    Here is a simple demo with multiple vertical sliders:


  • Oh THANK YOU!!

    I've been fighting with this for hours!

    I have watched a ton videos and read so many tutorials - THANK YOU!

    You wouldn't happen to have a list of these wonderful demos, would you?

    I've seen several other things you've posted and they've helped me learn so much. Your demos are always better than the demos on the start page. You seem to have a demo for everything. Is there an index that I've missed?

    Thanks again.

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  • No worries!

    No, I don't have an index. I though about organizing some of my demos and sharing them all in one place, but couldn't find time for this.

    Your demos are always better than the demos on the start page.

    LOL, this is not true :) Official templates are still the best way to learn Construct.

  • If you ever want to sent all your demos to me, I will be happy to organize them and upload them to the gDrive.

    If a large index is required, I'll upload them to my server.

    I build websites, I could make a demo display for each and a download link. I would be happy to index them all.

    Think about it...

    Thanks again.

  • Wow, thanks for the offer! It will still take me some time to pick example projects and add descriptions to them. There are hundreds of projects in my dropbox, and of course not all of them are worth sharing.

  • dop2000

    One more quick question, if you don't mind.

    Is it possible to use 2 scrolls at the same time on a mobile screen? It seems to work, but then stops. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's taking a few seconds to confuse my phone enough to make it stop moving.

    I'm using a scroll on the right to move the player right and left and a scroll on the left to move the player up and down. (I'm complicated)

    Also, an off topic question. How did you get your FB/Twit links in your profile?

    Thank you.

  • Are you talking about two objects with ScrollTo behavior? Or two scroll bars? Or sliders? Please post a screenshot of the code or a small example project.

    Also, an off topic question. How did you get your FB/Twit links in your profile?


    It took me a while to find this link too.. Not sure why it's not accessible through the menu.

  • I figured it out - I can't believe it.

    Basically I meant, could I have both thumbs on the screen at the same time move the image in different directions - and apparently you can! YAY!

    Thanks for the link to the social - that's been bugging me for weeks.

    Thanks again.

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