What's the best way to move an event to a subevent? or indent?

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  • Often times I need to cut and paste events and it often paste them not as subevents so I have to drag them under other events.

    The current way shows does an "auto" indented arrow depending on where the mouse is (I think??), but its REALLY hard to get it to work. I have to really hunt for it to get the correct indent and keep holding the mouse the whole time.. it's really clunky.. there must be a better way..

    what am I doing wrong?

  • I always just paste under the relevant event then drag it to sub event (i think that is what you are saying you do as well.)

    never thought its that much hassle but are you saying there is a way to paste directly as sub event ??

    ive just tried now and still cant see how?

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  • just talking about the best way to do it. dragging is just not easy to do. I always manage to do it.. it just feels REALLY picky about where my mouse is...

  • NetOne

    oh I think I figured it out! the mouse has to be to the right of the Object/Event separator then it will go there easy.

    seriously.. I've been using Construct since 2013 and I NEVER knew that. I always thought it was like a "smart" mouse cursor. And you had to just get it in the exact spot.

    although, it should probably be a little more clear somehow - I don't know how

  • In C2 you have to add an empty subevent first (press B on keyboard) and then move/paste other events to it. So I do the same in C3, it's often easier than dragging and trying to finding the right position of mouse cursor.

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