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  • Hi everyone! like the title says, i'm having a weird lag on a ball which uses bullet behavior, and the thing that's really driving me crazy is that it only happens on mobile when i export in debug apk. i've tried pretty much everything with setting like webGl on/off, downscaling quality to low, clear background off and so on, but whatever i do my ball still snaps while moving. Does anyone have an idea if this is a constrsuct problem, export issue, or have i done something wrong? i try to add the link to my test apk (not sure if thats how you do it) if you guys want to check it out to understand what i mean, is simply a ball moving around so the movement should be super smooth, but it isnt. Hope someone will be able to help me out, thanks for your time guys.

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  • Bump, still tryin to figure this out:( this is really stopping my workflow, hope someone will be able to help me out!

  • Hey, just tested your apk file, on my device is working flawlessly.

    It might be your device, i do not have a expensive device to test on, im using a Galaxy A3 from 2014-2015 and i see no problems, regarding the ball movement, all is smooth, no jiggers no snapping movements, only when it hits the walls does a weird recoil(meaning when the ball hits a wall, it kinda jumps a bit for like 1 frame worth of time but is stabilizing after a while and doesn't do it, it might be a pre-loading issue not sure) but i think that is the way you coded it.

    You might want to debug your apk build for errors or stuff like that.

    If you wonder what the device is i posted a picture bellow:

  • thanks for your help, it's a bit of a relief to know that you're not having those lags, in fact i'm having only having the issue on my test device ( i'm using also a samsung but a j5), while on pc it goes super smooth. it might actually be my device and i'll definitely try to debug the apk to see if anything's wrong with the code. thanks for taking the time to try and give me a feedback, i really appreciate!

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