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  • Hi, being more artistic than mathematic I have put together a very simple, but pretty game for an associate of mine that is testing a touchscreen operated vending machine. Simply, its a "Where's Wally" type game - that if completed within a time frame will reward you with a small prize.

    I have created a web socket connection with the vending machine's middleware and I have set up some events from some advice the scirra team kindly sent me. But Im very very new to this environment and my confidence in my programming is concerning me as to whether I have everything in order or even correct prior to testing.

    Any help or input would be greatly appreciated - here is my very simple event sheet

    + System: On start of layout

    -> WebSocket: Connect to "ws://" (require protocol "")

    -> System: Go to Game A Layout

    on a separate event sheet for the success

    + System: On start of layout

    -> WebSocket: Send text "CMD04"

    + WebSocket: On message

    -> Function: Call "CMD10" ()

    + Function: On "CMD10"

    -> System: Go to layout choose("Game A Layout","Game B Layout","Game C Layout","Game D Layout","Game E Layout")

    "CMD04" is the vend command for the middleware

    "CMD10" is the return message for the completed vend which should then send you to a random game layout.

    Many thanks in advance

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