Web fonts - increase spacing between characters ???

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  • So its taken a few years, but I've finally started messing with web fonts by importing some woffs to replace some sprite fonts / words I had

    but I cant see any way to increase the spacing between characters?

    the imported woffs appear to have uncomfortably close default spacing can anything be done about it?

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  • Ok so I raised a suggestion on the suggestion place.

    (Unless someone is going to tell me I am being dumb and there is indeed a way to do it???)

    but for now , I have had to revert to my old sprite words and sprite fonts as cannot adjust the overall spacing between characters of the same webfont versions in construct to get the right look.

    But it seems to me that they really should be the way to go, if you could just adjust spacing... :(

    maybe not so many people are using them? Am I right in saying that they do not have the performance overhead of the old text object?

    anyway suggestion here if anyone interested


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