Web Audio - Do we have access to Modular Routing? (and MIDI)

  • After my recent foray into a simple realtime music instrument app I am now burning with many questions.

    Before I raise some requests on the suggestion forum.

    1) Could I just confirm that presently in Construct 3 we do not have direct access to the Modular Routing as defined in the Web Audio API? webaudio.github.io/web-audio-api

    for example I can add effects to single music/sound tracks (tags) in construct 3, but can I route multiple tacks into single effects, or single tracks into multiple effects, or multiple tracks into a mixer bus and send those to the main out etc ?

    2) Is it possible to get access to MIDI instrument through the browser and construct 3? for example a simple midi controller keyboard. is this a viable suggestion to raise?

    ps for someone with the skills, would the above things achievable through the new scripting plug-in?

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  • This is very interesting, I'm starting an installation project where I want to trigger MIDI notes and CC through the game, was just looking to see if this is possible in C3...

  • The Web Audio API is exposed in a fairly basic way through the actual Audio plugin.

    That said if you know how to write JS there's several projects around that create synths using the Web Audio API. With a bit of work you should be able to embed one into your game, then call it directly using inline scripts.

    This one is pretty cool, I don't really understand what half the dials do though!

    EDIT: MDN has a tutorial for creating a synth using web audio.

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